Foccaceria italiana

Traditional Italian restaurant

Italian starters 

according to their own recipes!


We invite you to taste the right,
 Italian pizza!


... It (not) depends on the size

What is "meter pizza"? What can our fellow countryman imagine under this designation? The answer is simple – a true meter pizza from our master Italian -  Antonio that really understands pizza!

Dough and strictly fresh ingredients are the basis of a good pizza. It is prepared from basic raw materials: water, flour, salt, and yeast. NOTE: no eggs. Proper maturing dough is also important. Choose what you like: cheeses, prosciutto, arugula ... and put it into the oven!

The list of food allergens

Lunch menu

22. 01.
23. 01.
24. 01.
25. 01.
26. 01.

  • Carrot soup with ginger 7.9 38 Kč

    Pizza Calzone taleggio e peperoni 135 Kč

    Home lasagna with Italian salami and peppers 1,3,7 145 Kč

    Turkey saltimboca with sage, parma ham and grilled vegetables 165 Kč

  • Spinach soup with crouton 1,7,9 38 Kč

    Pizza Salsiccia 1,7 135 Kč

    Risotto with pancetta, peas, chilli and mascarpone 7,9,12 145 Kč

    Slowly roasted beef roller on red wine, anchovies with potato puree 4,7,9,12 175 Kč

  • Vegetable soup with pancetta 1,7,9 38 Kč

    Pizza Diavola 1,7 135 Kč

    Home rigatoni quattro formaggi 1,3,7 145 Kč

    Grilled beef flank steak with cabbage, carrot, wine sauce and polenta 7,9,12 175 Kč

  • Chicken broth with Tyrolean dumplings 1,3,7,9 38 Kč

    Pizza fagotto tonno e olive 1,4,7 135 Kč

    Home tagliatelle with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and Grana Padano cheese 1,3,7 145 Kč

    Grilled chicken supreme with caponate 7,8,9 165 Kč

  • Broccoli soup with crouton 1,3,7,9 38 Kč

    Pizza pollo e funghi 1,7 135 Kč

    Risotto with pumpkin, ham San Danielle and Grana Padano cheese 7,9,12 145 Kč

    Grilled pork tenderloin with chicory puree 1,9,12 165 Kč




  • 1. Cereals containing gluten

    (wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelled)

    Cereals containing gluten
  • 2. Crustaceans


  • 3. Eggs


  • 4. Fish

  • 5. Groudnuts (peanuts)


    Groudnuts (peanuts)
  • 6. Soya beans (soy)

    Soya beans (soy)
  • 7. Milk and dairy products

    Milk and dairy products
  • 8. Nuts (all kinds of nuts)

    Nuts (all kinds of nuts)
  • 9. Celery

  • 10. Mustard

  • 11. Sesame seeds (sesame)

    Sesame seeds (sesame)
  • 12. Carbon dioxide and sulphites (eg. dried apricots)

    in concentrations greater than 10 mg ml / kg, l, expressed as SO2

  • 13. Bluebonnets (lupine)

  • 14. Molluscs, and products thereof

    Molluscs, and products thereof


Home made pappardelle with roasted fresh tuna, red pepper, chilli, 

garlic and ligurian olives


Pizza con Bresaola e formaggi di capra (Bresaola, goat cheese and cranberries)

Home Atmosphere and Oven Specialties

We offer domestic Italian cuisine with all that is baked. Simply "FORNO", an oven in Italian. Our pizzaiolo Tony prepares a pizza exactly as he had learned it at his home in Italy - a simple, fantastic pizza from quality ingredients. Moreover, our pizza does not fall into the category of "killer"; after eating you will not feel rough.

Our menu consists of pizza, lasagne, and other pasta, as well as meat SPECIALTIES, eg. slow-roasted lamb shanks, which is left in the oven overnight. Meter pizzas are UNIQUE products in our offer.

Photo Gallery

Red checkered tablecloths, wooden furniture, rustic decorations and an oven right in the restaurant - it is our pizzeria, focacceria.

What meal will you enjoy with us?

A small presentation of our top-class meals prepared from fresh and quality ingredients.

Italian starters according to home recipes!

Fillet duck breast with Sous-Vide with pink pepper crust, 

parmesan ice cream and cinnamon sauce

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